Friday, June 29, 2007

1019. I haven't been able to verify how these are used, here are some of the guesses on them:
-valve mechanism
-machinist try-pieces
-used for grounding
-part of an electromagnet
-go/no go gauges
-legs for surveyors equipment
-for holding small parts

The outer two are imprinted with a 4 on the large end and a 3 on the other, while the middle one is marked with a 1 (small end) and a 2.

1020. This sundial was usually placed in a park and when properly positioned, the sun would fire the cannon at noon.

1021. Saw file guide, patent number 173,866:

The saw filing machine below is a different model, its patent number is 268,940

From Ron White's collection

1022. Lineman's hatchet, marked "Stanley" and "Bell System", according to someone at a phone museum, it was used "to drive leg screws into poles and to attach the hooks and rings to climb poles with. The blunt hatchet part was used to cut the gain in the face of the pole for bolts. The square in the center was used to tighten screws."

From Jim Brown's collection

1023. "Device for holding shirt sleeves or other like purposes", patent number 640,080, I've read the entire patent and I'm still not sure who the intended user is, maybe it's for a printer.

Patented in 1899

1024. Precision laboratory resistor or shunt, marked ".1 Ohm 15 Amps":

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